Report on „Unconventional Approaches in Energy Generation“ published by German Government vom 01.01.2006

In the summer of 2001, Marco Bischof was commissioned by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Collaboration and Development (BMZ) to write a study on unvconventional approaches in energy generation. In addition, a number of technologies were to be included that are not concerned with energy generation , but with the „activation of biological processes“ for the elimination of environmental contaminations, for water cleaning and the regeneration of soils. Finally, in a selection process six technologies were chosen to be included in the study. When the report was delivered a year later, the study was first submitted to a number of external institutes and experts for appraisal. Some of the responses were so critical that the ministry decided to check the report for scientific and technical accuracy before publication. This task was entrusted to the physicist Thorsten Ludwig and to the engineer Andreas Manthey, both of the Berlin Institute for Innovative Energy Technologies (Binnotec).

In the late summer of 2005, this review has been finalized to the contention of the ministry. However, it partly became rather a thorough revision of the report. In mid-September, the study now has been released, four years after the beginning of the work, by the German government for publication: Its precise name and bibliographical data (in German) are as follows:


Marco Bischof, Thorsten Ludwig und Andreas Manthey: „Zukunftstechnologien für nachhaltige Entwicklung: Unkonventionelle Ansätze zur Energiegewinnung und Aktivierung biologischer Prozesse. Eine Darstellung und Erläuterung von sechs Erfolg versprechenden Verfahren“. Forschungsberichte des Bundesministeriums für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung, Bericht E 5001-15. Berlin 2005.


The report has not been published in the book series of the ministry, but by the ministry itself, and therefore is not available through the book trade, but may be ordered directly by writing to the ministry at:

BMZ, z.Hd. Dr.Jochen Böhmer, Adenauerallee 139-141, D-53113 Bonn, Germany. Please mention the title and the report number as given above.