Energieforscher Hal Fox am 20. August 12 verstorben vom 28.09.2012

Am 20. August 2012, nur wenige Tage vor seinem 89. Geburtstag verstarb der bekannte Energieforscher und Promotor Harold "Hal" Fox.

Aus einem englischsprachigen Nachruf:

Fox mentions his entrance into the cold fusion field in his
1994 Cold Fusion (Issue 1) column “From the Great Salt
Lake.” He explained that “immediately after” he heard about
the announcement of cold fusion, discovered at his alma
mater the University of Utah, he felt he needed to get
involved. He and a few friends in the Salt Lake area established
the Fusion Information Center (FIC) by mid-April
1989. In that same issue, he wrote of some of the science
world’s inability to replicate the Fleischmann-Pons experiment:
“Obviously, what took Pons and Fleischmann several
years of work was not replicated in a few days by those
unskilled in the art.”