APEC online Treffen vom 09.12.2022

Mark Sokol, der ein einees Labor betreibt, Falkon Space wird auf      dem nächsten APEC Forum über Plotkletnov Experimente sprechen.


Samstag 2 pm Pacific also 23 Uhr unsere Zeit.




2:00pm PT –Mark Sokol – Podkletnov        Force-Beam Experiment Re-Test


Mark will be performing an experimental re-test of the Podkletnov      Force-Beam experiment first attempted at APEC 11/12. In the      earlier test, pressure inside the containment vessel was too high      after the cryogenic coolant for the superconductor weakened the      pressure chamber. Mark has rebuilt that, and will be attempting      another test with lower pressures in the hopes of moving a series      of lead weights suspended at a distance of several feet from the      apparatus.



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