Action Program of the GASE Board of Directors

for 2004 and 2005

This action program is an actualized and enlarged version of the election platform used by the team of Thorsten Ludwig, Marco Bischof, and Andreas Manthey in the elections of November, 2003.

Changed Situation in the Field of Space Energy and Innovative Energy Technologies

In the view of the new GASE board, the situation in the field of Space Energy, respectively of the unconventional energy technologies, has changed in many respects since the foundation of the GASE in the year of 1981 (see History of GASE). This necessitates the adjustment of the goals, and mainly of the priorities and the approach of GASE.

The „final breakthrough“ of Space Energy Technologies (SET) evoked time and again in the history of GASE, has not materialized up to now. We are convinced much more has to be done until such a breakthrough is possible. The main goal of GASE at this moment must therefore be to aim at promoting the technical maturity, the societal acceptance, and the commercial implementation of space energy, in order to make this breakthrough possible.

We hold that arriving at a more realistic assessment of the situation is the first step to be done towards this goal. The credibility of the space energy circles has been greatly damaged by repeatedly asserting that a breaktthrough of space energy was imminent (see Situation of Space Energy). Moreover, the GASE itself first must be made fit for the role of a lobbying organization.

Goals and Priorities of GASE

For this reason, in the next years the following goals must have priority (in the order of their significance):

In the following we would like to state these goals more precisely:

Effective lobbying for space energy

As a first step, a concept for effective image and lobbying work will be developed with the help of experts in this field whom we know personally. We will identify the appropriate means to develop the image of space energy towards scientific seriousness and high-tech, and away from the „perpetuum mobile“. The goal is to win friends and allies in all sectors of society, in the media, in business, science, and politics. Therefore the way through personal contacts must have priority.

A goal-oriented, modern approach must take the place of broadly scattered and largely accidental contacts and information work. This includes good research about possible contact persons as a preparation for the contacts. Background work and background talks often are more successful than public appearances and announcements.

Potential contact persons include:

Stimulation and promotion of research

Public relations

Generating new members

Information and further services to the members

To save costs and to provide better actuality, the information of the members will be increasingly provided through personal talks with experts, through the new members’ newsletter („DVR-Info“), and through the website. The new communication strategy of GASE will be optimized in collaboration with experts among our acquaintances.

The internet presence of GASE will be professionalized and greatly extended. We will be able to offer and handle a major part of the information supply and services through our website – as well for the members (internal part, accessible only with password) as for the public (publicly accessible part of the website).

The physical mailing of information by post will be used more sparingly, more targeted, and more according to the needs. As it is already the case with our newsletter DVR-Info since more than a year, the written informations will increasingly be provided in the form of summaries, and in the form of processed and evaluated informations. This makes increased editorial work necessary. Informations about Space Energy Technologies and relevant scientific developments will be collected more systematically and processed more competently. The website will be used to make this database accessible to the members.

Extension and goal-oriented use of funds

To optimally achieve the goals of the GASE and expand its financial capacity, the existing funds will be budgeted at the beginning of each year, to better know how much money is available for which purposes.

The funds thus gained will be allocated primarily to lobbying, public relations, and member information – e.g., the newsletter DVR-Info, a continously updated and comprehensive website with database, the generation of new members, public events, and professionally designed information and advertising material (flyer, information brochure).

It is most important to secure the liquidity of the association over the whole year. The financial basis will be expanded by steadily increasing the number of members and by the acquisition of donations. Thereby we will be able to fund additional projects.

Creation and support of regional groups and initiatives in Germany / Europe

Because GASE aims at fulfilling the function of an umbrella organization coordinating and focusing all the activities in the field of space energy in Germany and the other German-speaking countries, it is also one of its tasks to provide help in the creation of local and regional groups, among other things by organizing information events all over Germany, mainly in metropoles and at locations with high member density. 

Cooperation with researchers and professional societies in Germany and abroad

The cooperation with researchers and professional societies in Germany and the German-speaking countries as well as abroad is of great importance because of the exchange of information, the evaluation of technologies, possible common projects, and the publicity of the work of GASE beyond Germany.

Among the professional societies with which GASE already cooperates, are the Integrity Research Institute (IRI), Washington USA, the Institute for New Energy (INE), Salt Lake City, USA, the Planetary Association for Clean Energy (PACE), Ottawa, Canada, the Institute for New Energy Technologies (INET), Zurich / Switzerland, the Swiss Study Group for Free Energy (SAFE), and the Institute for Space Energy Research in Wolfratshausen (Germany).

Status of Implementation

This program has already been actively tackled in the past year by the GASE board and office.  Some of its points are already realized (such as the creation of the newsletter DVR-Info, successful negotiations with the NET-Journal publishers concerning the continuation and conditions of the delivery of the journal for our members, financial budgeting, and this website and its database). Others still have to be realized.

However, in order to successfully implement this ambitious program, the board also needs the active support of the members. On the one hand, we need the financial resources in form of your members fees, which must remain stable or be increased in the next years. Further important resources which we ask you to make accessible to us, are your personal contacts to influential persons or sponsors. Not least of all, we also need you as active supporters in your location. Inform friends and acquaintances about space energy and innovative energy technologies, exchange information with other interested persons, and create local and regional groups.

Berlin, February 2005

Dr.Thorsten Ludwig             Marco Bischof                Andreas Manthey

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