Information Sources



Bruce de Palmas „Home of Primordial Energy“ Website
Collaborative Energy Research Group
Condensed Matter Nuclear Science
Deutsche Bank Research Report, "Energy Prospects After the Petroleum Age"
Dr.Harold Aspden’s The Secrets of New Energy Science (GB)
Earth Tech International, Inc. (H.E.Puthoff)
Faraday Lab. St.Petersburg, Russland (Alexander Frolov)
Frank Znidarsics „Zero Point Technologies“ Website
Global Institute for New Energy Technologies (GIFNET)
INE Devices Database - Device Names
INE Devices Database - Inventor Names
Institute for New Energy (INE)
International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science
Jerry E.Bailes Website „Electrogravitational Mechanics“ (Electrogravitational Field Theory)
LENR-CANR Online Cold Fusion Research Library, by Jed Rothwell and Edmund Storms
Look Smart Directory Free Energy and Perpetual Motion Machines
New Energy Times
Ed. Steven B.Krivit und Nadine Winocur
Open Source Energy Network (OSEN)
PowerPedias „Free Energy Events“
Pure Energy Systems Network
Russ George: Home Page on Cold Fusion Topics (E-Quest Sciences)
Steven M.Greers Space Energy Access Systems, Inc. (Crozet, Virginia, USA)
The Free Energy Page
Tom Bearden Website
Williams S.Alek’s „How to Build Free Energy and Exotic Propulsion Devices and Systems That Utilize Gravimetric Mass Fluctuations“
Intalek, Highland, Indiana, USA.
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